Kittens in Timespace


November did not really get off to a great start as the UK prepares to enter its second lockdown period. Although it is expected to last for only a month (so far) it does make us wonder what 2021 may bring to the games industry, given how bizarre this year has been for us all. Nevertheless, not wanting to let the year continue to put us down any further, we decided that now is the time to start showcasing our journey towards a demo of our debut title in the hope we can (along with millions of others) help to restore a bit of positive balance in the world. 

And so, we are proud to introduce our first major project: CATPUNK

CATPUNK is a challenging, fast paced, action 2D platformer with roguelite elements and multiple characters, where players can run rampant in a destructible environment that rewards a reactive and aggressive play style. The game is inspired by non-stop, “push-forward” gameplay, as seen in Doom 2016 and the newly released follow-up, Eternal, that rewards the player with more destructive abilities whilst punishing them for playing too cautiously.

As aggression is integral to the experience, we are working on a number of design elements that reward this playstyle. This includes a scaling global difficulty level, a “rage mode” triggered by continuously annihilating your enemies without taking damage, and an elite gang of special-ops hunter dogs who chase those players that take their time exploring every nook and cranny. To counter these obstacles, players will have access to a variety of melee and ranged weapons to pummel foes into oblivion and carve out a path of their own in procedurally generated levels.

CATPUNK is a collaborative project composed of developers with diverse backgrounds. In the coming weeks we will share more about the different elements of the game, so stay tuned, keep safe and make sure to follow us on our social media pages and our website!